The Witch

The Sorceress Abraham Goldfaden’s Beloved ClassicA fresh and novel approach to Abraham Goldfaden’s play directed by Aleksander Hausfetter (the Director of “Two Kuni Lemel”). This production blends various styles and genres: comedy, music, dance and movement, and audiovisual images. Its Jewish humor is touching and relevant for today’s audiences; this is a modern look at this marvelous charming story. A quaint Jewish town is forced to confront a group of sorceresses who try to upset the internal world of the town’s residents who are searching for their identity. The play deals with the importance of dreams and fantasies in objective reality. Mirele who tries to release her innocent father from prison struggles with an evil stepmother who is dominated by the sorceress. This is a captivating legend that describes Mirele’s development as a young woman and her struggle to evolve from having a bad life to living a good life. Director: Aleksander Hausfetter, Original Music, Arrangements and Musical Direction: Oren Sela, Costume Design: Dalya Pen-Heller, Scenery Design: Moshik Yosephov, Choreography: Meital (Tula) Damari, Video: Andriana Lubina, Lighting Design: Misha Chernyavsky, Simultaneous Translation: Lora Sahar.Participants (alphabetical): Tal Avisar, Sapir Baumvel, Gil Weiss, Yisrael Traystman, Irma Stepanov, Dotan Amrami, Andrei Kashkar, Erez Regev, Miri Regendorfer, Yael Rochkind, Niv Shafir.

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