From the Shtetl to Broadway  

פון שטעטל קיין בראדווי

From the Jewish Shtetl, through the gates of Alice Island, to Broadway twinkling lights.  

A journey through songs that shaped the lives of Jewish immigrants on their journey to the United States and to the creation of the musical show – the soundtrack of America.  

From a selection of well-known and beloved songs and hidden gems, we will experience life in the Shtetl, the longing for a life in America, and finally the adaptation to a new life, 

Which ultimately lead to the creation of a unique musical identity. 

Writing: Eyal Sharaf and Udi Ratzin 

Featured: Sivan Keiner Kissinger, Eyal Sharaf 

Musical Director: Misha Belkarovich 

Directed by: Udi Ratzin 

Choreography: Sivan Keiner-Kissinger

part from the Rehearsals:


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