With One Foot on the Airplane

מיט איין פֿוס אין עראָפּלאַן

By: Andrea Bauabv

A Dramedy

In conjunction with: Yaakov Budo, Anat Atzmon

Israel Treistman, Andrei Kashkar ,Gil Weiss, and Shirel Yosef

Directed by: Shuki Wagner

An Argentinian family with two teenaged children plans to immigrate to Israel in a few days. The drama takes place while they get ready to ship their belongings to Israel.

An unexpected message reaches the family’s patriarch, and several sudden blunders cast a shadow on the important decision to move to israel , calling it into question altogether. The conflict tears at the family and brings the tension to its peak, mere hours before they are meant to board the plane. Each of the family members’ considerations change over and over again, until the very last second… and it isn’t at all clear who will get on the airplane.