Bei Mir Bistu Shein (The Barry Sisters)

A sweeping musical drama, interlaced with the best hits of the Barry SistersClaire Barry appeared in mouldy nightclubs in Las Vegas until one night when her younger sister Merna visited her at the club. She had run away from marrying a man she did not love so she could perform with her sister. Despite a difficult beginning, the pair became a successful duo, starring on stage and on the radio, accompanied by the devoted manager who discovered them. But alongside the success…came the troubles. Both sisters were in love with him but he  loved only one of them.
Cast: Anat Atzmon, Monica Wardimon, Ofer GolanPlay and direction: Lihi Barzel-Melamed, Translation into Yiddish: Arye Blinder,Dramatization: Tomer Cohen, Musical Arrangement: Oren Sela, Choreography: Lihi Barzel-Melamed, Lighting: Misha Chernyavsky, Simultaneous translation: Lora Sahar.With Hebrew and Russian Translation
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