Menahem Mendl in Israel

Menahem Mendl, Sholem Aleichem’s mythological character, who has become the symbol of the Diaspora Jew who earns his living from harebrained schemes, arrives in Israel to seek his fortune and to find his son who has rebelled and has become a pioneer. Through his travels in Israel, Tel Aviv-Jaffa is depicted from its “Menahem Mendlian” side: a city of coffee houses, realty speculators, and dreamers of getting rich quickly. Meanwhile, a social upheaval by the pioneers in the kibbutz and in the moshav is taking place.
Arrangement and Direction: Hagit Rihvi Nikolivski, Musical Arrangement and  Accompaniment: Or Matsa, Scenery and Costume Design: Orna Bernat-Shimoni, Shai Aharon, Choreography: Daniella Michaeli, Lighting Design: Misha Chernyavsky, Translation to Yiddish: Shai Goldberg, Simultaneous Translation: Lora Sahar
With the participation of (alphabetically): Alon Ofir, Lior Ben Yehuda,
Natan Hecht, Yisroel Traystman, Aleksa Lerner, Or Matsa, Andrei Kashkar, Miri Regendorfer, Yehonatan Rosen, Niv Shafir
With Hebrew and Russian Surtitles