Mordechai Gebirtig- A Songwriter’s Story

A presentation show

With: Kobi Luria (narrator) and “Yiddishpil” actors

              Mordechai Gebirtig (1877- June 4, 1942) was a prominent Yiddish poet and songwriter. Born and lived in Krakau, just where he composed his songs and raised a family. Gebirtig was shot by the Germans in the Krakau ghetto.

          Gebirtig’s songs, lyrics and music, so movingly capture the story and atmosphere during the “final stage” of Jewish life in Poland. Using simple tunes matched with everyday prose, with sensitivity and subtle humor, his music aims straight at the heart of the listener. Several of his songs, his prophetic “Es Brent” to mention one, for this reason alone are by now considered immortal.

          Kobi Luria, a writer, musician, researcher and most of all, an enthusiastic fan of Mordechai Gebirtig, narrates the life and work of this Yiddish poet whilet he songs are performed by the “Yiddishpil” members. For the audience’s convenience, the songs’ lyrics would be simultaneously screened on the board, transliterated and translated to English.